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The Fripp Island Resort is charging all renters for the use of the amenities on the island.  If you wish to use the Fripp Island Club’s pools, restaurants, tennis courts, bike/boat rentals, etc. you must purchase an amenity card.  Because we as FULL members of the Fripp Island Club have purchased six (6) “Master” amenity cards, you as a renter have the right to purchase up to six (6) amenity cards. 

 What does this mean? 

 Anyone 13 years old and older who want to use the Fripp Island Club’s amenities must purchase an amenity card for $50 per week or $12.50 per day in the summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day) and $35 per week or $25 per weekend the rest of the year.  Children 12 years old and younger who want to enjoy the amenities must be accompanied by an adult with an amenity card. 

 What can I do with the card?

 You can enjoy the Fripp Island Club pools, restaurants, bars, rentals (i.e., bikes, kayaks, golf carts) attend Camp Fripp (for a fee), play tennis (for a fee), and play golf (for a reduced fee).

 What can I do without the card?

 You can enjoy the beach, swim in our private pool (for use only by the complex owners and renters), play golf at the Fripp Island Club courses (for full fees) and ride bikes on the bike path.  You can also go off island (5-20 miles) to go to restaurants and bars, play golf, tennis, go deep-sea fishing, rent golf carts, bikes, boats, shop, etc.  Additionally, we can provide you a complimentary “Low Country Passport” card that entitles you to reduced prices at various restaurants, stores, golf courses, sightseeing attractions and more.

 How do I pay for and receive these amenity cards?

 The Fripp Island Club will only accept payment from us as FULL members.  Therefore, you must pay us directly and we will in turn purchase the amenity cards for you.  We are passing on ONLY the direct cost of the amenity cards to you.  Please indicate in the Rental Agreement the number and duration of the amenity cards you want and add the cost to your payment. Upon your arrival you will be permitted to pick up the cards at the Club Offices on the island.